How to use the Google keyword planner tool?

A study revealed that long keywords are searched more than main keywords, despite their many differences and variations. In addition, when considered within the framework of being conversion-oriented, long words are the words that have a high probability of converting into customers much more easily. It may not be possible for new sites to appear on the first page of the most competitive keyword in the industry. However, in long searches this quick success is more possible. Therefore, it is extremely useful to correctly identify and work on these phrases. What is search volume? It refers to the number of times a word is searched in a specified location or in general on a daily or monthly basis. It is the equivalent of the term. What is Search Volume. When determining the difficulty level of a word. it is not evaluated only with the search volume or the results.


The competition for that word

the search volume, and the result must Brazil WhatsApp Number Data all be analyzed together. Don’t choose keywords based solely on search volume. One of the biggest mistakes made when doing keyword research is to base only keyword search volume. There’s a lot more to it than just searching for keywords with the largest search volume. Here are some other questions you should consider: Does this keyword add value to my business? Will this keyword result in any sales or customer conversions? Can I beat the top ranking pages for this keyword on easy or medium difficulty?

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Most SEO experts or site owners see Albania Phone Number List ranking in the most competitive keywords in the industry as pure success. However, conversion-focused SEO is about producing and working on words that return you as a customer or a job. Someone who makes a search on an iPhone wants to summarize general information. However, someone who searches for the words “buy iPhone” and “iPhone prices” is a possible customer candidate. Therefore, one of the most important stages in the SEO process is to identify the right keywords with high conversion rates.With the development of the concept of voice search, it is necessary to focus on searches with long terms in order to be successful in search engines.



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