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The commercial and furniture projects. Nero black aluminum profiles are often us to create a feeling of luxury and sophistication in designs. It can add a unique charm to a space and is especially suitable for projects that ne to stand out in terms of taste. Whatever color your project requires, the versatility and customizability of aluminum profiles allow you to meet a wide range of decorative nes while ensuring excellent protection and heat dissipation. Available Accessories Installing light strips on aluminum profiles may require many accessories. We recommend that you read the product description carefully as many profiles already include accessories such as end caps and retaining clips. Profile closure cover.

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Seal aluminum profiles. Most end caps have a hole on one side for cable entry. Additionally they help prevent dust from entering the aluminum profile and Switzerland Phone Number List damaging the light strip. Profile Fixing Clips Fixing clamps are us to secure aluminum profiles to surfaces. Simply screw the retaining clips onto the surface and hang the profile from the retaining clips. It is recommend to use one fixing clip per meter depending on the length of the profile. Our special-shap products often include these accessories to ensure a trouble-free installation. Profile Length The length of aluminum profiles in our product range is available in meters and meters.

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Choose the profile length that best suits your specific project.  light up a smaller area or a larger space we have the right option for you. Meter profiles are suitable for smaller lighting projects or where shorter profiles Turkey Phone Number List are requir. They are often us to brighten smaller areas such as bookcases, kitchen counters, brooms or bathrooms. Additionally, meter profiles are easier to handle and install making them ideal for projects. Meter Profiles If your project requires longer profiles, Meter Profiles may be more suitable for you They are suitable.

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