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The greatly improving lighting convenience and energy-saving efficiency. Human body sensor sensor can detect human activity near the cabinet. Sensors automatically activate to turn on the lighting when you open a cabinet door or enter a nearby area.  to manually turn the light on and off when needed simplifying daily use. The delayed shutdown sensor can be set to have a delayed shutdown function that automatically turns off the lights when there is no human activity within a certain period of time. This way the lights will automatically turn off when you leave the wardrobe to avoid wasting energy. Smart Timer  to preset lighting times based on daily.

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Habits or specific needs so that you can turn cabinet lights on or off regularly to meet your energy saving goals. Daily Programming Base on  your daily habits, you can preset wardrobe lights when you usually Automatically New Zealand Phone Number List opens the wardrobe when you open it, such as when you get up in the morning. Schedule shutdown If the usage time is fixe,   light to automatically turn off after a certain period of time to avoid wasting energy due to negligence. Combining energy saving and convenience The combination of smart sensors and timers makes cabinet lighting more intelligent, convenient and energy-saving. Energy-saving sensors and timers ensure that the lights are only turned on when neede.

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Not only do you avoid the hassle of turning the lights on manually, but also avoiding the waste of energy by leaving the lights off for long periods of time. Convenient No need to manually turn the lights on and off. They Canada Phone Number turn on automatically when you are near the wardrobe or when the set time has passed. This facilitates use and ensures timely access to light when need. The intelligent lighting system brings great convenience and energy saving to wardrobe lighting. Thanks to the judicious use of.

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