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By sending a personaliz request you must communicate why the contact should add you to the network and above all you have the opportunity to stand out from other impersonal requests. To add a custom message make sure to click the “add a note” button before sending the connection request. Here are some items you can include a greeting using the person’s name reciprocal links (if verifi) shar groups (if verifi) a content with which he interact a detail of the profile that has remain imprint 4. Keep the conversation going The personaliz message sent when requesting a connection can be a starting point for starting a conversation .

The Evolution of Communication

Once you connect with a prospect on LinkIn it’s helpful to continue the conversation so you stay within their reach. You can also do this by commenting on a post point Business Database of or sharing content that the contact might be interest in. 5. Transform interactions from virtual to real After some time you shouldn’t be afraid to transfer the interaction out of the virtual world. When you believe that the potential customer is ready to start more purchase-orient conversations you can think about organizing an appointment even by telephone to learn more about the potential customer’s nes and illustrate your company’s specific solutions.

Collaboration and Communication Between

In this way the initial social selling process on Linkin is transform into a real sales opportunity. How to build your reputation (and that of your company) on Linkin? Linkin is the most suitable platform for consolidating and promoting the image of a B2B company . social selling linkinHere are the three main areas of the profile Calling List that reflect personal reputation the summary the reviews receiv and the skills confirm publish posts In the summary you can mention your passions and skills.

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