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The story of this child and that illusive project leads us to reflect on the viability of a radical change in search of justice and equality. In Chile. the process was a resounding failure. If we look at history. socialism is already the memory of projects that were launch with remptive intentions and end badly. very badly. And. now. the wave of conservatism that has been occurring in Latin America opens the possibility of restoring past lines of political action impos by dictatorial regimes. but today consecrat by the popular vote. It is inevitable to be assault by a fit of pessimism. And meanwhile. the millions of children who grow up in families exclud from progress and development continue to be expos to an unworthy fate.

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Depriv of a true and fair possibility of choice. like the one who. in a scene of this good movie. the An alcoholic father looks out for his son. with a resentment that is as understandable as it is irremiably harmful. when. fac with the successful future that he associates with Gonzalo’s life. he corners Pro with the priction of a miserable job that he will have to do all his life. cleaning bathrooms. forever. Terrible. degrading. absurd. A kind business lead of Greek condemnation for a little Third World Sisyphus.A few weeks ago. after remembering another year of his murder in Granada in August 1936.

Life of the One Who in

I read a news story from Spain that report that they were still searching for the grave of the poet Ferico García Lorca . but that this time they were closer to finding it. I immiately remember some biographical data about the bard. those that are never eras from our memory even if we do not remember others as important. even if we do not remember perhaps Calling List some of his most universally recit and read verses. that data from his anthology. that poetry. yes. exactly that. perhaps for many one of the most beautiful. Surely those who are reading this come to mind: Cassida of the dark pigeons. some of whose verses go like this: “ Neighbors.” I said. “where is my grave?” “On my tail.” said the sun.

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