Focus on what your persona is looking

As images are a complement to the copy , only insert those that contribute to the persuasion of your audience — and never use random images on your landing pages! Focus on what your persona is looking for and use images as a way to extend their knowlge on the subject. Set a keyword Keywords are essential for the success of an SEO strategy because search engines use these words to bring your content to visitors organically. Therefore, use the terms that your users would use when searching for answers or solutions to their desires, and try to insert them naturally into the copy.

Use smart forms When we talk about conversion

It means that repeating the keyword everywhere can backfire, as the search engines’ Artificial Intelligence identifies the exaggerat use of keywords and can take points off your ranking because of it! Focus on the quality of the copy : on the understanding and usefulness that your visitor will derive. If it matters to the user, it will matter to your strategy of taking your landing page to the top results on Google! The more useful and valuable your copy, the  new data greater your chances of success! Tip: Top 10 Keyword Tools + 1 Gift Use smart forms When we talk about conversion, we ne some type of form to capture information from visitors with their consent.

Simplify your forms to extract only what you

To prevent your visitor from giving up on conversion or losing trust in your brand’s authority or intentions, simplify your forms to extract only what you ne at the moment. If it’s not relevant to your current landing page strategy, don’t ask for your visitors’ age, address, or dog’s name! Focus on asking, for example, the person’s name and a means of contact (email or telephone). Little by little, as your leads are guid through your sales funnel , you can gradually extract more information — without looking like a company Calling List  desperate to sell! Deliver an interesting layout A ” layout ” is the arrangement of page elements, the colors that compose them and the style that is express.

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