Google Analytics for Saa what is the userId, how it works and 6 common mistakes

Google Analytics for SaaS #1: what is the userId, how it works and 6 common mistakes by Victor Campuzano | Nov 11, 2019 | Analytics for Growth | 4 Comments Anyone considering using Google Analytics to analyze the behavior of their SaaS users will find themselves, sooner rather than later, faced with an intriguing and disturbing question : can a good non-stick pan really go in the dishwasher? That afternoon when we shared beers and a potato omelette recipe, Juan Pablo gave me very good lessons. You have to see what you learn with this guy, even if it’s in relaxed conversations, barefoot in his living room and with a beer (there are already two) in your hand.

Among many things,

Among many things, we talked about analytics and the advantages and disadvantages of the different tools available to analyze a Software as a Service product. Google Analytics, of course, had its moment. But industry email list using Google Analytics for these purposes presents some important challenges that we will talk about in different chapters of this series . Fiance. Among them, the one that concerns us today: what are different users in Analytics? How can we ensure that users of our platform are recognized by Analytics? Are retention, recurrence, or even new user growth reports reliable? Grab a coffee, friend of my heart, because you have the answers below… Let’s go new post! table of Contents

What is userId

What is userId tracking in Google Analytics and what is it for? Sessions and users are metrics that are present since we Call Inglist first access Google Analytics. They have always been there, in front of you. However, neither sessions nor users are viewed in the same way when you use Analytics to collect data from a website as when you use it to analyze the behavior of the users of your digital product . And the reason is precisely that, the intention of use. If you notice, in the second case we emphasize “the users of your digital product”. But the definition of users, like that of a good potato omelette, depends a lot on who is presenting it…

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