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Which are no different: even in a world of clutter emails. Dozens of image emails and lots of newsletter content. Uber maintains its appeal. It.S minimalist. It.S consistent. Is simple. And it is totally. Undeniably uber. Award for : adherence to the aesthetics of the brand winners: excellent content 21. Ben & jerry.S benandjerrys newsletter examples-ben & jerry.S screenshot of lyfe marketing ben & jerry.S does a lot of things right. But what we.Re focusing on here. Is their display of company values. Note that this can be difficult for brands – think very. Very carefully before diving into the waters of public debate – but once you.Ve declar your values (and your company policy to share them publicly).

Especially if you see it and read

Sharing them can bring you closer  Country Email List to yours. Public. (as long as they share your values. Again. Proce with caution!) award for : exposition of values 22. Bon appetit bonappetit newsletter examples – bon appetit when your brand incorporates text and images into a newsletter. It.S easy to get lost in the clutter. There is so much to see and read and digest. Especially if you see it and read it and digest it from a smartphone screen. And that.S why we love formats like bon appetit.S. Which use clean. Non-competing images. Pair with super-simple (and very limit) copy.

They make you want to click

country email list

To keep their content-rich newsletter easy to navigate. Award for : raw content 23. Buzzfe buzzfe great newsletter examples – buzzfe screenshot of   Calling List  coschule like it or not. Buzzfe does a lot right when it comes to today.S digital world. We.Ll skip a lot of the accolades and get straight to the point. Because buzzfe does it so well: they.Re interesting. They are not at all bland. They make you want to click. And they are unlikely to be report as spam. (this is a big deal. Given that around 69% of people are quick to hit “This is spam” bas on the subject line alone.) award for : strong thematic lines 24. Canva canva great examples of newsletters-canva it.S no secret that we love canva for its ease of design.

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