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So it shouldn.T be a surprise that we also love canva email marketing. Clean design. Bright colors. Ease of navigation: these are all features of canva. But where the design tool.S newsletter really stands out is in the content: they know what their users ne and want. And they.Re quick to make it happen. In addition to all-round inspiration. They also offer visual inspiration and links to other articles of interest. Award for : inspirational content great newsletter examples – domino.S 25. Domino dominos screenshot of coschule it.S amazing what you can do with email today. Insert interactive content.

The company invit a little interaction

Which domino.S does well. Instead of sending Email List a list of italian pizza offerings to the laundromat. The company invit a little interaction: pick your poison. And your choice automatically triggers a surprise photo change. (gifs are an easy way to make simple interactions – not only on twitter and facebook but also in your newsletters.) it.S not complicat. But it.S new enough to be fun. Award for : interactive content 26. Fab fab newsletter-clothing examples screenshot of venngage raise your hand if you.Ve ever sent a newsletter with an error.

You ne to demonstrate your value

email list

Maybe you forgot the item. Or your link was broken. Or your design was made unstable. Whatever happen. You receiv a copy in your inbox and   Calling List  your heart dropp. Enter the apology for the newsletter. Which fab pulls off perfectly: with humility and humor (and who doesn.T love a good cat and a pun?!). Plus a discount as an apology. Well done. Award for : oops! Check 27. Farfetch farfetch great examples of newsletters – farfetch screenshot of omnisend email is a saturat market. So to get email addresses (and actual opens). You ne to demonstrate your value. Farfetch does just that with its daily newsletter.

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