Remember that LinkedIn is not

Facebook and do not gather your family and friends here. Choose business contacts. Actively use the LinkedIn search engine to find potential customers, establish contact with them, share knowledge and expertise, build relationships, and ask for help. You can start searching for a network of contacts on LinkedIn by entering, for example, the position Remember that  of a person representing your target group in the search box. In this section you can enter various keywords, such as position, industry, slogan. Select one of the leaf expansion suggestions and click search. In the case of the phrase “Marketing Manager”, after selecting the person option, as many as 10,300,000 suggestions appeared. It’s definitely too much to choose the right people. Therefore, in the next step, clarify your query.

In the contacts section, you can select the

level of contact, i.e. 1 – people in your network 2 – people with whom you have different points of contact 3 – people who are not in your close network of contacts Start with contacts 2. These are people with whom you share friends , interests, exp USA Telemarketing Data erience, etc. Establishing contacts and relationships with such people will be the best place to start. Location – here you can select an option from the drop-down list or enter it yourself. Enter, for example, the city or region you are interested in. Another search option is current company. And in the Remember that  last part, i.e. all filters, you have additional very interesting options. In addition to the previous options, you can indicate the # you are interested in, industry, position and more. Test different configurations to find the right people.

You can also use a paid version, such

USA Telemarketing Data

as Sales Navigator, in which you have a number of additional functions at your disposal. However, in the first phase of building your p Canada WhatsApp Number List rofile, choose basic and free solutions. Building a LinkedIn network and sending invitations The biggest mistake many people make on LinkedIn when building their network is sending invitations blindly. While inviting people you don’t know personally is normal on Remember that  LinkedIn, inviting people by clicking “Contact” is a social media faux pas. So how do you invite people to your LinkedIn network? Prepare the content of the “ready-made”, or preferably several versions of it in the form of an “Elevator pitch”. The idea is to present your offer (business, brand, idea) in the best possible way in a very short time – approx.

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