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An average elevator to go from the ground floor to the top floor. You can also use Elevator pitch when it comes to LinkedIn and creating invitations to contacts. On LinkedIn, this works in the form of a personalized contact invitation, which should be a maximum of 300 characters. So this is just a short note in which you need to include as much as possible. Focus on how you can help, write about the client, not yourself. Also clearly define the purpose of the invitation to contact. Remember that, contrary to appearances, 300 characters is quite a lot, but it is worth testing a few options. Should I send ready-made templates to everyone? NO! Although I encourage you to develop several ready-made templates, I encourage you even more to personalize them.

Sending the exact same copy paste message

may cause the LinkedIn algorithm to mistake you for a bot. And LinkedIn fights against this and even blocks accounts that it considers automated. Choose to personalize the previously prepared template, e.g. Good morning Mrs. Dorota, I notic Turkey Telemarketing Data ed that we belong to the same group of graduates of the University of Warsaw. I will be pleased if you accept my invitation. I will be happy to share my experiences in the marketing area in which you work. Best regards, Kamila Kierzek-Mechło The above invitation content is 291 characters with spaces Other excuses for an invitation include: Work in the same industry Common interest A person who visited your profile You have many points of contact with him/her You have common contacts There may be many reasons for invitations.

However, focus on personalization

Turkey Telemarketing Data

and always send invitations to contacts with content. This significantly increases the invitation acceptance rate. Why bu Taiwan WhatsApp Number List ild a network of contacts on LinkedIn? There are many reasons to build a network of contacts. A few key ones are: Visibility You make yourself known and noticed. Publish valuable content, comment on other people’s posts, or share interesting articles related to your industry. Credibility Show yourself as a professional through publications and participation in discussion groups. Share your knowledge and experience, and participate in events organized by LinkedIn. Profitability People recommend you and recommend you to others. If you gain the trust of your network of contacts, you can count on recommendations that translate into the profitability of your business. Look for excuses to build a network of contacts on LinkedIn. An important thing in establishing contacts on LinkedIn is naturalness.

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