What the law looks like in the use

Of artificial intelligence is a common puzzle for marketers, managers and lawyers. Check what we already know. Law in the use of artificial intelligence Share: FacebookLinkedIn Law in the use of artificial intelligence and current regulations AI has become an indispensable part of our everyday life, from product recommendation systems in online stores, through content on blogs and social media, to advanced analysis tools. Every day, marketers implement more and more AI-based solutions into their work. However, all these technologies require appropriate legal regulations to ensure their safe and ethical use.

Poland has a very developed and

detailed copyright law. And in terms of this act, it can be clearly admitted that a work created by AI is not a work under the law. Copyright protec Lebanon Telemarketing Data tion only applies to works created by humans, which implies that artificial intelligence, like animals or forces of nature, cannot be considered a creator in this context. The finding that only a person can be the creator of a work is widely accepted in the legal systems of most countries. Nevertheless, growing demands for copyright protection for artificial intelligence works are becoming an increasingly popular topic of discussion.

Polish copyright law clearly states that

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only a human can create a work. This means that a work created by AI is not a work within the meaning of this law. So he is not entitled to c France Phone Number List opyright. In practice, this means that neither the creators of AI tools nor the users have copyright to such works. While AI cannot create its own work, it can still infringe another person’s copyright. In particular, AI may create a work that is a reworking of an existing work, which may constitute copyright infringement. Using a remake created by AI is possible, but requires a license from the actual creator of the original work. Before using such a modification, please check the license terms and possible restrictions related to its use.

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