How to listen like a pro

Brand perception. And influencers. Sparktoro sparktoro audience insights sparktoro audience insights set up by moz’s founder. Rand fishkin. Sparktoro is markete as “an audience research tool that shows the websites your customers visit. Social accounts they follow. Hashtags they use. And more — so you can do marketing that works.” it works by crawling over 80 million profiles across billions of web pages. Social meia profiles. Podcasts. And youtube channels. This will help you find out what and who your audience listens to. Reads. Watches. Follows. And shares online. Sparktoro has a free plan and upgrade plans with access to more features up to the agency level. Mention mention can monitor billions of web pages in 42 different languages. It has a competitive analysis tool and a crisis management feature to get ahead of any possible bad publicity or issues down the line.

Emails. And phone calls

if you don’t have the budget for a paid tool. You can gain insights through observational social listening. Look at your social channels. Emails. And phone calls. And set up google alerts for brand mentions. Make a list of common keywords and phrases to understand patterns and discover more about consumer sentiment and attitude. 3. Spy on your competitors it’s always wise to keep an eye on your competitors to find out what they are doing. Especially if they’re creating a buzz or driving engagement. You can do this by using social meia metrics and social intelligence tools. Pay attention to your competitors’ most engaging content types and themes.

Conversations. Promotions. And posting times

Conversations. Promotions. And posting times. What you’re looking for with these tools is not only the basic numbers – followers. Likes. Etc – but also the content that your competitors share that resonates with audiences. Common social meia tools you can use for competitive research (on top of the ones liste above) include: sprout social determ 4. Learn how to respond to comments. Compliments & complaints if you’re setting up social listening to monitor mentions. There’s no point in ignoring what your customers are saying; both good and bad. Every business has got a bad review at some point or maybe even a fake one. But it’s how you deal with it that makes your brand stand out. If you’re looking at a complaint or someone venting about your product or service.

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