Retail Media more than a trend

With digitalization, e-retailers have evolved the tools to highlight brands through platforms that now allow them to know in real time the return on investment in retail media. With the aim of analyzing how this evolution is impacting the media mix and brands’ communication to consumers , OMG Transact , together with , have convened an online event in which to debate this topic. The experts invited to the debate were Marta Sáez, CTO of OMG as moderator of the Webinar; Marc Feu – Head of Retail Media Demand Spain, Portugal at Criteo; Jesús Sancho Cubino, Head of Carrefour Links Spain and Carmen Limia, Head of Ecommerce at OMG Tansact.

The rise of Retail Media

The first presentation was given by Carmen Limia, Head of Ecommerce at OMG Tansact , who commented on the opportunities and category email list challenges that Retail Media offers. After this introduction, the expert highlighted the surprising increase in searches in retailers, since up to “71% of consumers start searching for products in retailers instead of Google” , which means that these are becoming the new media supports where it is essential to have the factors that help brands to have that positioning at the first level and increase this visibility. Furthermore, the expert emphasized that e-retailers have become key supports for Retail Media, a protagonist in the 3rd wave of Digital Advertising. And, as she points out, “more than 18% of the total digital investment is in retail media.”

How to build an annual Retail Media plan

After Carmen Limia’s presentation, it was the turn of Marc Feu, Head of Retail Media Demand Spain, Italy & Portugal, in which he recapitulated Calling List the most essential aspects when building an annual Retail Media plan for a brand. The expert began by focusing on the importance of studying the Retail Media ecosystem well, which he divided into 3 major actors: -The offer (retailers): whose main objective is to maximize income, with a line that goes beyond the transactional, in terms of buying and selling products. -Demand : advertisers and brands who want to contact the third agent, who are the buyers . – Buyers : divided into buyers, a planned purchase based on intention, and shopper: the act of imagining what you might want. Based on this context, Marc reflected on what a brand values ​​when it comes to allocating its budgets to retailers, dividing this action into 5 main points: Traffic.

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