Technical SEO Audits Made Simple A Beginner’s Guide

But you still have more Technical SEO options where you can check the speed of the website. One of them is Google Analytics through the Behavior – Site Speed ​​– Overview route . If you later consult the Page Times option you will be able to know how long each URL takes to load. wpo google analytics On the other hand, another tool with a free initial version for small websites (maximum 500 URLs) that you can use is Screaming Frog . Once the tool has crawled the website and without leaving the “Internal” tab, you will only have to scroll to the right using the horizontal scroll until you reach the Response time column .

Another tool Technical SEO with a free initial version for small websites

By clicking on the column title you industry email list can order it from largest to smallest and by pointing to each row, you will obtain information at the bottom about the URL to which it corresponds. wpo screaming frog There are other tools with which to detect slow URLs on a website such as DinoRANK and its On Page SEO Audit module or SEMrush (within the Site Audit option). Also GTmetrix, Pingdom Tools and others similar. Whichever one you use, you should do the following checks when you discover an upload speed problem and want to resolve it. You have to be very careful with the weight of these elements. Too many large images or videos will slow down the loading speed.

Optimize the loading of Javascript and CSS files

Cache management . A good plugin Calling List like WP Rocket will help you manage the cache to improve loading speed (it is a paid plugin but at SEOWarrios we give it for free in the paid tools section ). Code Optimization . Optimize the loading of Javascript and CSS files, minifying and/or combining them. By minifying these files, what we do is eliminate white spaces or line breaks, making them weigh less. What the merge option does is join several files of the same type (CSS or Javascript) into one. With a plugin like WP Rocket you can do both. Compress images and videos. 

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