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A separate page will be created for the blog, where all blog texts will be collected. However, the post is a lighter version of the page. Each post has its own unique permanent link (url). For example, this post At the beginning of the link is my domain followed by the url of the blog post. There is no need for the word blog in between. Permalinks are mainly for Google, not so much readers. actually appear, the blog needs its own page. It is simply just a Blog page.

But in order for the blog posts to

The page can also be named Blog if it is an English-language blog or Articles. After this, the blog posts and the Blog page are connected special data to each other in the settings . After that, all published blog posts will appear on the Blog page in publication order from newest to oldest. Like here . 4. What exactly is a blog post or blog article? A blog post is a single “page” with its own unique URL and where you focus on one precisely defined topic. Let’s say you write a blog about dogs and even more specifically about raising a puppy. One post can be titled “How to prepare for a puppy’s homecoming”, in which case the topic deals with puppies in general but also how to prepare for a puppy’s coming home, which is a more narrowly defined topic. are the blog posts where you try to tell everything about the subject.

The most challenging of all

For example, very often new bloggers (myself included) tell the whole day’s events in one blog post. But it’s hard to follow such a post, because we can’t write all the information in one post, but we move from one topic to another quickly. In this case, there may be gaps in the day that are difficult for the reader to fill. Instead, the day can be divided into, for example, five different narrower topics and Calling List each event can be written in its own post. This way we get deeper into that event and the content is logical for the reader. 5.

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