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The pages to ensure you choose the correct profile for your project. Types of Aluminum Profiles Ultra-thin Aluminum Channel Slender Aluminum Channel is one of the most commonly us profiles in installation.   a variety of colors including white and black for both domestic and commercial environments. You can choose to use mounting clips or a suitable adhesive such as multi-purpose adhesive or mount them to the surface. Flexible aluminum channels Flexible aluminum channels are suitable for round or oval installations. They are easy to install and can easily follow curv shapes to achieve unique lighting effects with surprising simplicity.

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Aluminum Channels are design to radiate light at a degree angle perfect for shelving, ceiling shelving or wall corner applications. Walking Aluminum Channels Some aluminum channels are suitable for indoor or outdoor UAE Phone Number List floor installations and are resistant to wear and tear. For outdoor installations we recommend using light strips with a waterproof rating to protect them from rain and flooding. These profiles are suitable for ground and roof installation. Stair Lighting Aluminum Channel Stairs have always been a dangerous area in apartment homes and commercial premises as insufficient lighting or slipping floors can cause customers and pestrians to fall.

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Aluminum stair lighting channels

Effectively illuminate stairs and provide an extra non-slip surface on wet floors. Another option is to use thin or recess aluminum channels to create appropriate grooves. The marble so that the channels Switzerland Phone Number List are at the same level as the rest of the staircase. This method ensures minimal disturbance and gives the staircase a unique look. Suspend Aluminum Channels Suspend aluminum channels are a stylish way to make them the focal point of. Room ensuring your home and office don’t go unnotic. Choose aluminum channels with downward or two-way lighting. Plus using dimmable light strips allows you to easily adjust the brightness you ne for any occasion Double Light Strip.

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