KIO Networks presents its foundation, supports technological education

Last Wednesday, September the KIO Foundation of the company KIO Networks was officially presente, oriented, as expecte by the company’s core business , to support technological education. Its objective is to promote and promote technological education projects and provide educational tools in technology, contributing to the reduction of the digital divide and promoting the development of technology in the country. Since it was designed in Foundation has focuse its efforts on education and technology, seeking to have a high impact on young Mexicans by providing them with support so that they finish a professional career with technological skills and knowledge and can have successful labor inclusion.

Which will be enriche with other actions

For example, it has established alliances that have allowed it to open 3 digital classrooms, two inState of Mexico and one in , with theĀ  Buy Guatemala Mobile Number Database purpose of providing access to the world of the internet to hundreds of young people who otherwise would not be able to use these services. . Additionally, the organization’s interest in supporting training in information technologies is supporting the holding of specialized workshops with innovative content. In order to have greater scope and depth in its social investment actions, KIO Networks, through its foundation, has announced the “Brilliant Minds” project, which consists of granting scholarships, for which it has established some criteria such as financial need to continue covering their tuition, be pursuing a university degree related to technology, have a minimum enrolled in one of the universities with which the KIO Foundation has agreements.

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The project seeks to contribute

Reducing school dropouts and provide support to men and women who have great potential talent. At the KIO Foundation presentation Bahamas Phone Number List event. Where Gloria Calzada served as master of ceremony, director and manager respectively of the new foundation, indicated that their organization will base its work on three axes of collaboration. The first are the economic contributions from the social investment program that your corporate allocates for being a Socially Responsible Company that are oriente towards the scholarship program, which can receive additional donations from companies and people who identify with the purposes of the foundation. With this strategy, an important segment of the population is reache that can professionally choose to pursue a technical career.

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