Foods to combat heartburn

Heartburn and gastric reflux are current conditions, due to the lifestyle that many of us lead. The main causes are stress, eating quickly or skipping meals. Diets rich in saturated fats, refined or processe carbohydrates, excess alcohol, smoking and lack of exercise. Foods to combat heartburn  Particularly in Mexico, on these national holiday dates.  After that, It is more common to suffer from heartburn , due to the very spicy and spicy dishes and foods that are consumed. Foods to combat heartburn Therefore, to deal with its symptoms, below we recommend some foods that can be your best allies. Banana: Eating a banana a day is an excellent option for people with gastric reflux. Since it which protects against heartburn. For one percent of people who suffer from these disorders, this food can aggravate the situation; If so, its consumption must be stopped.

Banana via Oatmeal oatmea

Since it does not produce acidity and generates a feeling of satiety. You can even combine oats with raisins, since the flour absorbs Buy Ecuador Mobile Number Database the acidity produced by the raisins. After that, Melon: Among the fruits that help relieve gastric reflux are melon and watermelon, excellent to include in a salad.  Foods to combat heartburn Fish: fish and shellfish are highly recommend elements in the gastric reflux diet. It is best to eat them grilled or sautéed, but never fried. Ginger: In moderation, ginger root is one of the best foods for heartburn. For years it has been used as an anti-inflammatory and as a treatment for gastrointestinal infections. Ginger can be prepared grated, peeled or choppe.  And can be includ in cooking foods. Ginger via sChicken and turkey: Both birds are a staple in the anti-reflux diet. They can be prepare boile, bake, grilled or sautée.

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How to maintain an ideal weight

Diets are not always the best option when it comes to reaching the ideal weight. For many people this method is not functional  Bahrain Phone Number List since when it is finishe. They regain all the weight they lost.  After that, The most advisable thing then is to learn to eat to compensate for excesses and balance the dishes.  Foods to combat heartburn there are some foods that, due to their nutrients and properties, contribute to the goal of reaching the ideal weight naturally. Below we share the top Fruits: although they mostly contain sugar. It is important to include them in the daily diet. Because in addition to the nutrients they provide, their calorie satiety ratio is excellent, replacing the consumption of more sugary desserts. Particularly low-calorie fruits are berries, peaches and apples. Egg  the egg is a food rich in vitamin t is not recommend to eat it fried, since the use of oil is require. It is best to do it cooke and accompanied by vegetables.

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