Why is the most boring video in the world going viral?

It is very common to see homeless people walking or sleeping in the streets of the city while the rest of the inhabitants circulate at times in a hurry, indifferent to their face, their situation and the way in which, as society, we could face this problem. The efforts to give these people a voice and a face have been part of the social responsibility strategy of multiple companies and organizations around the world that have stood out for their important work to integrate these groups into the labor market and offer them better development opportunities.Think about all the posts your friends make on Facebook, how many memes can you find for a couple of minutes on the social network? On how many different walls have you seen those funny videos of animals doing curious things or tutorials made by teenagers.

Now imagine that a boring fundraising

Campaign could have the same impact as the images that entered your mind. Would it be possible? Roots Foundation The Arrels Foundation Buy Turkey Cell Phone Number Database has managed to accomplish this seemingly impossible mission, nothing less than through what was supposed to be the most boring video in the world, a production in which a homeless man explains how the videos found on YouTube They could generate resources to support a good cause. I’m not a cute kitten, nor a laughing baby, nor a group of kids rehearsing the summer dance. I am someone who until recently lived on the streets and this is the most boring viral video in the world.

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 Internet users have directed

The man makes an important call to attention about the content to their interests, requesting their support to also share what Dominican Republic Phone Number List the foundation has called “The most boring video in the world”, and thus support not only the dissemination of the work carried out by the organization, but also its fundraising, since every time someone views it for at least half a minute, YouTube makes a donation to the Arrels Foundation to help the homeless. The video associated with keywords such as home, success, luxury, friends or family, aims to remember everything that people lose when they live on the streets, and so far it has achieved more than six hundred thousand views on the Internet.

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