Mexican Foundation for Rural Development, in the countryside

In the world of foundations and philanthropic civil society organizations, this month of September is loaded with information that allows us to evaluate the public utility of the third sector. To confirm this, you can take an organization as an example, since its work has been emblematic.These days mark the 52nd anniversary of the creation of the Mexican Foundation for Rural Development and a group of visionary businessmen who considered it vital and strategic to direct resources to rural production. Thinking about the Social Sciences see that no country would have viability in its economic independence if it did not first attend to its field. More words he said, “What nation can think of being independent if it cannot feed its inhabitants?” No economy takes off if it has to dedicate capital to importing food instead of developing its industry.

For these reasons

The FMDR has establishe important alliances with other organizations, such as the Walmart Foundation. Which during the  Buy Peru Cell Phone Number Database  month of August announced support of more than pesos to support the program that offers advice. And support to projects, where more thanwomen are involve. Who will receive support over the next 7 years.In this case. The joint investment made organization, administration and marketing of products made by women such as textiles. Crafts, processe foods, etc. Health initiatives are also supporte and, of course. Activities that allow them to generate income through formal associations.It is very fortunate for community development to consider women as an active part. As a protagonist for change, and developing their skills allows us to establish firm pillars where family well-being is built by reproducing behaviors and attitudes of involvement, co-responsibility and respect for women.

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From the Board of Directors

The Chairman of the Board of Directors shared with his colleagues that Gustavo who is director of Social Responsibility at  Australia Phone Number List as recently  received the Social Caring Leadership Award, awarded by the Social and effectiveness. In a world of Corporate Social Responsibility where bluffing,actions sometimes prevail; Pérez stands out for his simplicity, humility and constant professional work. Business Foundation will begin this week the activities to celebrate the 25 years of its creation. This September 24 they will begin with the presentation of a documentary on the history of this organization that has been exemplary not only for Mexico The Director of the organization pointe out that the Foundation is organizing a new edition of the Children’s Festival that takes place in November at the Thomas Jefferson Institute, north of the city.

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