Nothing is too crazy when it comes to helping

Nothing is too What is the craziest thing you would be willing to do to contribute to a good cause ? According to this campaign, the craziest thing is not helping. The Charity Water organization is a team of passionate young people that seeks to bring drinking water to people who lack this service, and infect thousands more people to join the cause in the most creative way, thus maximizing its impact. For most of us, getting clean water is a simple task that boils down to turning on the tap and putting a glass under it; We have never suffered thirst or seen the need to leave our homes to walk eight kilometers in search of water. However, the latter is the reality of 663 million people in the world who do not have access to this service .


Through the campaign , Charity Water challenges the general public to contribute to the cause in the most creative, original and crazy  Buy Venezuela Cell Phone Number Database way to raise  and bring clean water to  people.It is about donating or starting an individual or team donation campaign by doing any type of feat to reach the goal. For every donation made, the organization will double it to reach the goal and motivate participants. crazy Among the most creative campaigns is a couple who, instead of wedding gifts, asked their guests to contribute that money to the cause, raising dollars so far; a boy who decided to sell his toys and donate all the money, getting dollars.  A man who, for his 78th birthday, asked his relatives to donate each; and one of the organizers will shave his head and another will run a marathon upon achieving the total goal.

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According to Charity Water

When a community has access to clean water. It can change almost everything; Health can be improved, access to food can be Austria Phone Number List  increase. The local economy grows and children spend more time in school.” Nothing is too the interesting thing about the organization. In addition to seeking to make a difference. Is that it aims for its actions to be completely transparent . And 100% of the public donations collected are allocated entirely to water projects. Therefore, at the end of the campaign. People who participate will be able to see exactly.  Which region of the world their contribution is directe to.  How many people it benefits; managing to be a very structure. Fun and interesting altruistic project .



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