When we are under situations that cause us stress

We are likely to make incorrect decisions regarding food , which can cause even more stress and other health problems . When we find ourselves in stressful situations, we can more easily indulge in cravings, overeat, or stop eating; Any of the above options can have negative consequences if they occur frequently. Stress via shutterstock Stress via shutterstock Below, the nutritionist at the Kellogg Institute of Nutrition and Health, Carmen Haro, shares with us some of the most common mistakes we make when we are stresse. Do you identify with any of them? Drinking too much coffee during the day Drinking too much coffee can affect concentration and cause sleep problems, which will make us more tire and stresse the next day. Consume excessively foods high in fat, sugar and salt.

If we make this mistake frequently

It is likely to be reflecte in weight gain, which can have health consequences. Skipping meals It is common that when we are Buy Malaysia Cell Phone Number Database under stressful situations we skip meal times. How many times a week do you stop having breakfast because you no longer have time and at midday you eat anything out of hunger? Or your busyness prevents you from eating and at night you have twice as much dinner. Skipping meals is harmful to health, since not only do we end up eating more throughout the day, but also the body continues to secrete gastric juices to digest food at the times it usually does, even if it does not receive food, causing discomfort. gastrointestinal. Eat on a whim There are some people who eat when they feel like they can’t control their emotions, or to indulge a craving.

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Not hydrating properly

When we lead a very busy life it is easy to forget to drink enough water. In situations of stress the body tends to become China Phone Number List dehydrate, so it is necessary to drink at least two liters of water a day. Resort to fad diets Due to the weight gain that stress can cause, we undergo fad diets that promise us to lose several kilos effortlessly, without the supervision of a health professional. Instead of helping us, this can harm our health. To avoid falling into these mistakes when we are under stressful situations, below we share some recommendations: Eat breakfast every day: it will help us feel less hungry throughout the day and have more energy reserves. It is recommende to have a breakfast that includes at least one food from each group. Have healthy snacks on hand: if you have cravings when you are stresse.

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