Business foundations support the return to class with scholarships

At Business Foundations we have state that the main issue or social cause that interests businessmen is, without a doubt, education. They invest resources in various variants such as: formal and school education, support for scholarships, courses and workshops for teachers, promotion of values, development of skills and competencies for employment. Of course, there is no lack of support for children in this return to school. See the reader these actions in support of the new school year. Last weekend in Baja California Sur, the Veracruz, carrie out activities to support education such as the construction and maintenance of educational spaces and also the donation of school supplies. Gentera Foundation carrie out what they call “an activation” to invite employees to contribute to donating school supplies, which consiste of using the fix stairs instead of the electric ones in their corporate building.

This is an effort that has already been in progress

Coca-Cola urgeother companies and foundations to participate by donating resources, whether financial or in kind, for this Buy Indonesia Cell Phone Number Database purpose. Thus, the following participated: Carlos es so that they can continue their studies at the secondary and high school level. Since 2006, when the “For those who stay” program began, the bank has awarded 59,775 scholarships. Surely we will continue to hear, in this week of a new school year, about more altruistic actions in favor of children. In the months preceding this return to school,achieved a great victory to protect children’s rights to education. Imagine the reader if alliances between foundations, civil organizations and citizens continue to increase, all the beneficial changes that could be achieved.

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From the Board of Directors Foundation

Which will take place at the Chihuahua Country Club on September said the president of the board. His presence is part of a strategy Colombia Phone Number List through which celebrities can help philanthropic activities. This is an old practice in other countries such as the Unite States, where it is common that week after week, in city after city, different altruistic activities are carrie out. This collaboration can be notice, for example, in baseball. At a major league game, attendees are invite to support a cause. A few weeks ago they supporte the fight against cancer, allowing the entire country to donate a few dollars to philanthropic organizations. In this regard, the secretary of fun activities or entertainment can also be organize to involve more people in support of various causes.

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