Why did the CEO of Apple opt for a Mexican project?

For a personality like Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple , to invest in a project , it must surely be a very good and promising one; something like the invention of the Mexican engineer that, in addition to being for domestic use, contributes to caring for the environment . do you want to know what is it about? Carlos Gómez Andonegui and Philip Winter are the developers of this product that is attracting the attention of various technology companies . This is Nebia , a watering can with a system that saves water. On average, each ten-minute shower uses This device allows you to save up to 70% of liquid in each bath.In addition, it is essential to drink water before, during and after training to replace water losses. In this way it will be possible to eliminate toxins and waste products more easily and replenish muscle glycogen reserves.

What the watering can does is atomize

The water droplets until they are one-hundredth of their size, covering a larger surface area than a traditional one. According Buy Pakistan Cell Phone Number Database  to the developers “it’s like walking under a cloud.” The invention was create from the idea of ​​wanting to an excellent option is a piece of lean meat or fish, chicken or turkey ham, egg, white or brown rice, potatoes, nuts or a slice of bread. provide a better shower experience to the clients of a gym in Mexico City where water consumption and scarcity was one of the main problems. So far, the feedback from people who have use Nebia has been very positive. Although the product has not yet come to light commercially, many people are investing in its development so that it can be markete starting in May 2016.

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In one week of the investment campaign

The instrument is of high quality, and the system was subjecte to rigorous testing during the creative process to ensure its Costa Rica Phone Number List functionality. If moderate portions are manage, they help the body stay healthy. This watering Healthy fats: Foods like nuts, coconut oil or avocado provide energy, vitamins and minerals. If they are consume before exercise, it should be in small portions, otherwise it will make training difficult.can is an excellent Mexican contribution, which in addition to having economic benefits for those who purchase it due to water savings , has a great environmental impact by reducing consumption by more than half.The ideal is to consume something within forty minutes after finishing the activity; since in this period the body assimilates nutrients better than inputs.

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