A space for water care in the Federal District

Although the Magdalena Contreras delegation is the only one of the 16 districts of the Federal District with a living river , and one of the main green lungs, ironically it suffers from a severe problem of lack of water, as do many other neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city. Do you want to know how we are seeking to raise awareness and develop best practices? Water Pavilion via projectciclo.org Water Pavilion via Cultural Forum in this delegation, which seeks to raise awareness among the population about caring for water , as well as train them in collection techniques. The place will have a green roof , a water collection area and a photographic and infographic exhibition space to guide the community on the usefulness of rain for domestic cleaning, personal hygiene and even for human consumption.

Water pavilion via projectciclo

In addition, it has an area for environmental workshops and aims to be a space that demonstrates the benefits of green spaces. Org Water Buy Taiyuan Mobile Number Database pavilion via projectciclo.org The pavilion is built from bamboo , copper, wood and black stone. The work carried out was artisanal manufacturing with bioconstruction techniques. This is not the first time that architect Moisés Vargas, coordinator of the project’s design area, has carried out this type of work in a community. The inauguration of this pavilion took place on July 26 at the cultural forum located at Camino Real de Contreras 27 in the La Concepción neighborhood of the delegation.

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Anyone can attend the environmental workshops and talks on One of the towers of the complex has a mural coordinated by the Croatia Phone Number List artist AcheZ, a member of the Germen Collective, which represents different symbols of identity for the community, such as a woman, water, fish, an eagle and corn. In addition to creating the mural for the pavilion , the artist was able to share his 16 years of experience in urban art with young people from the community by teaching a workshop on artistic techniques. Because the cultural forum is a public, quiet space with various activities, it has a lot of traffic and is the ideal place to develop this project that will undoubtedly raise awareness among people in the community and offer them resources to make better use of water .

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