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The or DC power, depending on the specific type of light strip. Let’s take a look at the two most common types of light strips Universal light strips Universal light strips are typically design to be DC power.  a semiconductor component that is very sensitive to changes in voltage and current. The light strip may flicker or be damag if us with AC power. Therefore, for general-purpose light strips, it is usually necessary to convert AC power to DC power. High-voltage light strips are different from general types. High-voltage light strips can be power by AC.

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Current and voltage stabilizers to ensure stable operation on AC power. This makes high voltage light strips more flexible and allows them to be connect directly to AC power eliminating Japan WhatsApp Number List the ne for a power converter. How to choose a light strip power supply? The choice of light strip power supply should be bas on specific nes and installation environment. Here are some of the key factors to consider. Type of Power Supply You first ne to determine the type of power supply. If your power source is AC but you want to use a universal light strip you will ne to install a power converter. If you are using a high voltage light strip you can connect it directly to AC power.

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Safety, universal light strips require additional power converters which increase the complexity of the circuit. High-voltage light strips can ruce the complexity of the circuit but ne to ensure Canada Phone Number List stable power supply to avoid damage. Energy Efficiency DC power is generally more efficient because it does not suffer the energy losses of conversion to AC. If you care about energy efficiency opting for a universal DC power light strip may be a better choice. Frequently Ask Questions Question Can I connect a universal light strip directly to AC power.

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