Youth vitality driver of volunteering and solidarity in the community

Thousands of them have been involve in various activities ranging from reflection meetings, work forums. Conferences to direct service with communities and forestry, beach cleaning. Literacy and regularization days. For example, Juan with the aim of generating an impact on the state’s public policies through a workshop that was develope with the methodology of the National Electoral Institute and the Unite Nations Development Program and that launche the Influencing Public Policies’” Teach for Mexico Puebla The workshop calle ‘Youth leadership for impact on public policies: Concepts and instruments’ laste 4 days spread over two weekends where 20 CSOs participate and traine the young participants in relate concepts. with the issue and finally generate two impact plans on public policy.” Later he states: “different speakers participate in this workshop whose characteristic was the same social cause. Giving voice to youth.

The initiative proposes to provide

Support to the plans prepare by the 20 young ExM participants for their implementation. It is intende that through this Iran Mobile Number List  implementation young people will be able to influence the public agenda. The implementation process at the local level will last 3 and a half months and there will be an evaluation session during the second half of October to recover the lessons learne from the young people and review the progress of both plans. Juan Daniel At the moment in Puebla.The young people traine with the JAMX methodology provide by the promoter of citizen participation. Anel Beatriz Hernández Sandoval, belong to ExM. Will begin to work on problems focuse on education. Covering two focuses of attention: Training teachers and deficiency in the monitoring of educational programs”.

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From another work area

Young people from the Zongolica Higher Technological Institute in collaboration with the AC Youth Program promote by El Salvador Phone Number List the Mexican Youth Institute. Held a meeting that offere information on various topics. Including the one given by the Mexican Volunteer Alliance: “The importance of youth involvement in volunteering.” There it was state that recently, on the occasion of World Population Day. The National Population Council announce young people between 10 and 29 year old. Rank where the greatest power of volunteering is locate. Not only in the country but in the rest of the world. This segment may be the most active and supportive. But it is advisable that it flows through organize volunteering. It was interesting to detect within the group of more than 30 participants that when the question was aske about who was or had been a volunteer. Only three young people raise their hands.

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