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With the arrival of digital media and later social networks, business communication has been dramatically transformed; Advertising and press releases, channels used for years by companies for their corporate broadcasts, have gradually begun to lose weight, and in their place a new way of transmitting messages has taken over the landscape: content. Today, instead of producing advertisements in mass media, the publication of content of interest to stakeholders is what is winning and engaging audiences, and in the long run, producing customers. The scheme is also corporate reputation. The more and better content on a topic an organization develops. The more it can be considered a leader in that regard. This paradigm is irreversible and unstoppable and those brands that know how to take advantage of it will be the ones that stand out in the future; They can do this by creating their own content or by cementing their presence in those media that disseminate content with which the brand is interested in positioning itself.

The WOBI case

A good example of a company focused on this new paradigm is WOBI . Dedicated to the creation and distribution of business content. Through different formats the brand focuses on disseminating  Buy Colombia Mobile Number Database the latest trends, the most up-to-date thinkin. And inspiration to help people and companies grow. Their talent search is global; They constantly travel the world to find and connect with the leaders. Thinkers and actors who explained to us what the company does and how content has become currency in the current paradigm. How to identify a brand of this nature. To answer this, we would have to ask you: What is your position regarding people, the planet. The future. In Barcia’s own words – we would have to know what their “why” exists for existing beyond making money – to know if they contribute something to the environment. A company like this, with values, not expressed in a hollow way as a dead letter, but really put into practice, is a brand with purpose.

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Should CSR, sustainability

The answer is yes, undoubtedly. If we open this note talking about content being. The new way of communicating with interest Argentina Phone Number List  groups. Making announcements, spreads or simple press releases to publicize a company’s CSR is fatuous. The companies most peers and also from their own collaborators. Because as Barcia points out, in the near future. At Expok we have witnesse that there are already several organizations generating content linke to social responsibility.  Not in a col and corporate way, but in the very DNA of the company and its message. Coca- McDonald’s, among many others, have understood that this route develops more engagement and awareness.  Than the stuffy press releases that are launche to traditional media outlets waiting for them to be publishe.

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