The volunteering of Gentera, Líderes en Acción, is strengthened

If there is a corporaday its collaborators know that volunteering has a special relevance and they see themselves as people who go shoulder to shoulder with their community; Perhaps it is their closeness to their clients that is the reason they build their growth. To strengthen and strengthen its actions in tere with the Mexican Volunteer Alliance to support the development of the Leaders in Action Committee, which was forme as part of a strategy to more deeply coordinate the group’s volunteering in the Mexico City. Leaders in Action Committee 01 This committee, which is part of what is technically calle the Executing Unit, seeks to contribute to the development of volunteer initiatives proposed by the group, as well as channel the concerns and proposals of collaborators. In addition, you will have the power to call and recruit new company volunteers, awaken their commitment and involve their family and friends.

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The Gentera Leaders in Action Committee is made up in Action Committee took, this summer, the seminar “Effective management  Buy Mexico Mobile Number Database of corporate volunteering” where the following topics and content were addresse State of the art of volunteering in Mexico. Who we are and how many we are, what is the quality of volunteering in the country and the forms of expression of voluntary service. Which regions of the country are most active and age ranges of participation. Characteristics of corporate volunteering and its connection with social causes. Why companies are betting on volunteering, what they do and how they do it. The purposes and goals; as well as choosing quantity or quality in volunteering. Importance of prospecting and integrating elements of a group. The need to know the members of the group.  Their personalities and skills. The relevance of a coordinator knowing the factors that give cohesion and meaning to the group. Management of voluntary groups.

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Improvisation is unnecessary and must give way to professional management of volunteers so that they develop a career of service. Voluntary group reinforcement system. Skills are require that form group discipline and a vision  Algeria Phone Number List of transcendence in service. Volunteer recognition and retention system. Every volunteer group is encourage to be grateful to . The people who provide support to the community. deputy director ofwill give the workshop. Where she will address some mechanisms for evaluating volunteers, their impact. Their regulations, their values, etc. New trends in volunteering and modern forms of its management and coordination will also be analyze. On the other hand, Emilio Director of the Mexican Volunteer Alliance,unite volunteers”. Where the favorable elements will be analyze to link corporate volunteering with the volunteering of non-profit institutions.

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