The important role Rotarians play in promoting a culture of philanthropy

In the world of civil organizations, some stand out at the international level. Several initiatives by women and men who, inspired by service or the promotion of a social cause, have founded an organization whose effects and impacts we can perceive today. Consider, for example, the case of the Englishman Robert Stephenson Smith Baden Powell . Who at the beginning of the last century founded the World Scout movement. We should also distinguish the Rotary Club or Rotary International as it is known worldwide. Paul Harris is the founder of this movement. It was 1905 when he decided to gather a group of friends interested in service to creaset in motion an avalanche of civic contribution to the well-being of the community that has not stopped. Those days Harris and his  The important  friends decided to invite other people to join the club by establishing certain requirements, one of them being that you could only enter the Club by invitation of a member.

This is how the movement grew in Chicago

After defining that the purpose would be to carry out actions for the common good based on friendship to serve, without distinguishing or excluding anyone, they established “The avenues of service”: Support the Club, provide service to the  Canada Mobile Number Database  community, have personal profession of each partner and promote international service. These four pillars continue to guide their work. The Rotary Club arrived in Mexico in 1921. The first congregation took place in Mexico City and then clubs would come in Monterrey and other major cities. “Polio Plus” project to the Rotary Club International through which the movement, together with companies and governments, the task of eradicating polio in the world. Another great Rotarian is Frank Devlyn, born in Chihuahua. The important Who, following his father’s example, dedicated himself to supporting the population that had vision problems and his aid program expanded practically to the entire country. In the long run.

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From the Board of Directors

Frank was international president for the period 2000-2001. The important thing for this space is to highlight some positive  Africa Phone Number facts abtop providing service to.  The community Its members invite other people to develop their sense of generosity to channel them into well-structured actions By encouraging the use of each member’s profession. They enhance resources in favor of philanthropy. They have infiltrated the spirit of  service in a good number of businessmen. And even when they have not been formally recognized. The important in a very solid way thanks to their principles and values, they have promoted corporate social responsibility practices. They are also directly responsible for the creation of new foundations and philanthropic organizations. Rotary International also thrives on female talent and hundreds of clubs are mixe. The work of Rotary International is constant and forceful.

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