Benefits for which you should participate

There is a lot of talk about the 2015 Bitácoras Awards lately, but do you know what they are? Do you know what its benefits are? How can they benefit you professionally? Benefits for In this article I am going to answer these questions and also explain to you in a simple way what you have to do to participate and how you should vote. I hope it is very useful to you and that it encourages you to take that step you need to participate in the “Oscars” of bloggers. In recent days you have seen quite a few articles about the 2015 Bitácoras Awards, right.

Have you asked yourself

Well the answer is simple, the new edition of the most coveted awards for bloggers is there and everyone wants to participate in them. So now is when you have to show the executive email list online world that you are also going to participate, now is when you have the opportunity to show everything you have worked on during the year with your blog, what you have learned and how important it is to you, your log . Lose the shame and fear of thinking that you are small and make yourself known, this is your great opportunity! After these Bitácoras Awards nothing will be like before, so participate and enjoy them a lot.

Benefits for awards that

Have been held since 2004 where holds an annual. Contest to recognize the best Spanish-speaking blogs through different categories. This year there Calling List are 18 different categories. In these 2015 Bitácoras Awards, those who vote for the best blogs in each category. Are the readers, with the top 3 with the most votes going to the final. And in the grand final who decides the winner of each category is an expert jury. For me, they are the most important awards that a Blogger can receive at a national level, since it is where professionals see their effort and work recognized by everyone else, and with this they achieve many benefits and great professional opportunities. Therefore, my recommendation is don’t just stand there!

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