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What are the most common mistakes in a CV? What not to do in a resume or what to avoid in a CV ? In this post you will see some of the most common mistakes. When making a resume, as well as those errors for which your resume can be discarded. In these times when many of us are confined at home. Many of us take the opportunity to do things that we normally don’t do. Either due to lack of time or because we don’t see them as important at those times. But with everything that is happening to us, many people are taking the time to update their resumes.

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I have received some messages from people asking how to make a CV updated to new technological demands. I suppose that by Googling “how to make a CV…” you will find executive data some of my posts on this topic. And if they write to me it is because the information they have found has been useful. Therefore, today I have written another article about CVs that I think can provide something of value to all those who are looking for information and want to update or create their resume. Today I talk about errors and failures to avoid in a CV. But before starting, I would like to tell you that I am not an expert in creating resumes, everything I comment on in this type of posts, such as this one, Guide to making a good Curriculum Vitae in 2022.

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Compilation of content that I make from the websites and books. I read on this topic and my own experience with my resumes (what has worked for me and what hasn’t). … So I start Calling List with something that I believe is fundamental when considering making a resume. Sometimes, this usually happens because we are so involved in other things that we do not realize. To review the resume data, we get an offer and we send it ourselves. Imagine that you have changed your phone, and you still have the old one on your resume. They call you for an interview and the number does not exist. What do you think will happen? Let’s take advantage of these days to review these CV data.

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