Shades of Claudio 1st Year of My Blog

Do you like to read and learn from the experience of other bloggers? Are you thinking about creating a personal blog? In this article I am going to tell you about my experience as a blogger and the summary of the history of the 1st year of my blog with my shadows, successes, benefits, as well as professionals and blogs that I have met during this journey and that have helped me achieve success. Shades of In this article I would like to tell my story to celebrate these 365 days of high voltage with Claudio Inacio’s blog, because I think it can be very useful for other people.

Who are interested in

Creating their own blog, but who are afraid of launching into the a stranger. When I started, I loved reading experiences from other professionals to know what awaited executive data me and thus prepare myself for what was to come. It’s true, today after a year I finally think I can say that I am a blogger with a well-positioned personal brand, although there is a lot to improve and do. The numbers on my blog are growing little by little but they are promising, since I have reached 130,000 visits and it is increasing and I have passed 1,000 subscribers on the blog . But getting here has not been easy and that is why today I am also going to mention the shadows that this post has given me in the world of blogging.

Because I believe Shades of

That it is okay to mention the positive points of a project. But you should also mention the negative ones so that other people. Keep in mind that this is not Calling List a sea of ​​roses and that to. Achieve success you need to apply the 3T theory (work + work + work). But let’s start with the good things that the blog has given me. They were very hard months because I dedicated many hours to. The blog and the results were always very similar, the number of visits remained very stable. It was from March, when I moved from the blog to a more professional.

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