The dictionary of dreams of a Community Manager

Are you starting out in the world of Community Management and many times when you read an article, you find words that you don’t know their meaning or you talk to other professionals and hear terms that make you feel lost? Do you want to learn and know more about the Community Manager ? Do you sometimes feel that to search for a meaning in this area it seems like you are looking in a dictionary from the Spanish Royal Academy? To facilitate your searches (get straight to the point), I have created this simple Spanish dictionary in.

The form of an infographic

Or rather, the dictionary of a Community Manager’s dreams where you will find the most used and important terms so that you can master this topic, and you can company data participate in all those talks, allowing other professionals to see you as a true expert in this area. I believe that to succeed in this profession there is a certain vocabulary that every community manager should know and use, or at least should know what it means. There is nothing worse than getting into a profession and not controlling the terms most used on a daily basis. I say this, because it is usually very common to find terms or words whose meanings we do not know in this topic due to its wide variety.

That is why today

I have created this infographic as a dictionary of meanings or. Acronyms dictionary, which complements the untold guide to. The Community Manager that I wrote a Calling List few days ago, because. I think that with these two contents you will have. An excellent basis to be an expert in community management. In addition, you can find essential terms in your. Daily work in a simple, easy and organized way whenever you need it. The objective is that you can search the dictionary for a term. Without having to waste a lot of time searching for it on Google.

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