How to export URLs from a WordPress website

Today I come with a short post at the bottom in which. I am going to show you how to export all the URLs of a WordPress website . Although it may seem like “why the hell do I need this?” , now I am going to tell you in which cases it will be useful for you to export a list with the URLs of a website. And I tell you this knowingly. Because I have had to do it from time to time for a client project. Index of contents Why would you need to export all the URLs of a website? How to export URLs from a WordPress website Conclusion Why would you need to export all the URLs of a website? When creating a website , a blog, an online store or another project in WordPress. You must keep in mind that the original website, the one that is live before the redesign, already has a series. Of pages and posts (it can also have other types of content, such as custom post types ) published.

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Therefore, Have traffic and search engine positioning. So we cannot make the mistake of their URLs changing and causing 404 errors (publications not found). Something that is annoying for your users and Google does not like at all. Therefore, whenever you are going executive email list to migrate a web page and replace an existing one, it will be necessary to check if you need to do 301 redirects (redirect an old URL to a new URL) and thus avoid the dreaded 404 errors. In my case, I had to do it because I modified the permanent links (permalinks) to improve SEO. As I did? Well, I changed the original permalink format ‘Day and name’ ( /2014/11/07/example-page/ ) to the ‘Entry name’ format ( /example-page/ ), which I recommend that you always do it that way. permanent links settings .

When changing permalinks

In addition, It is totally MANDATORY and NECESSARY to make the relevant 301 redirects. Unless you want to screw things web hosting How to export .URLs from a WordPress website Exporting the URLs of a WordPress website is a hassle. So let’s see what the process is like: Download, install and activate the « Export all urls » plugin from the Calling List WordPress repository. In the WordPress menu, go to Tools > Export All URLs . Select the options you want to generate the export file. You can select the type of publication to export. The fields (check here at least the URLs option) and the status of the publications (published, pending, drafts…). In addition, Export the file. To do this you have two options, generate a downloadable CSV file or show the list on the screen ( Output here ). plugin export all urls options. 

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