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Evidence (charts examples) Add formatting (subheads bullets number lists) But there is one specific change that is most likely to improve the declining search rankings. It’s all about content quality and relevance. Add depth and detail that includes semantically-relat phrases. It doesn’t help to cram the target phrase in more times. It does help to add content that answers relat questions touches on the subtopics and goes deeper

Into the material

Make it a better page. This is the key to SEO. One great way to improve the relevance of a page is to confirm that it incorporates all of the phrases it’s already ranking for. So let’s go find them… 4. SEO: What phrases is this page ranking for? For this part of our content marketing audit we’ll go business lead beyond GA4 and into GSC (Google Search Console). There are lots of SEO tools that will show you the rankings of a specific URL but the primary source is Google itself. Google Search Console doesn’t track changes to rankings for

Specific phrases

But it shows the “average position” for any phrase for any page over any time period. Here’s how to use Google Search Console to check the rankings of any page on your website. From the Search results report: Select a  Calling List Uk recent date range Select the “PAGES” tab Click on the filter icon and then enter the URL (or a word from the URL) to find the page. Click on the URL to see just that page search console report showing search performance Now you’re looking at the search performance for that specific URL. Check the “Average position” box to add that data to the report Click on the “QUERIES” tab Now you’re looking at the

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