Making Science’s strategy to address the new reality of the marketing

Making Science’s making Science defines itself as a consulting firm specialized in marketing and technology. A leader in innovation and digital business. From we have gone to their offices to chat with them about the changes that the marketing industry has faced in recent times. To do this. We spoke with Patricia Yuste, Marketing Services Director of the company. Who through her professional experience offers an interesting reflection on the current situation in this sector.

What is the focus for brands?

Within this current turbulent category email list environment, Patricia Yuste defends the importance of brands focusing their efforts around 3 major milestones. The first point has to do with something as basic as being prepared. Not only from a Media Mix point. Terms of good management of media plans according to each of the brands. Therefore, but also in terms of internal preparation, to “how I am inside my house. If the resources “are they appropriate or if for this digital acceleration I need to take a different approach to the team. Therefore, the resources and all the material we have ,” explains the expert.

Keys to a full funnel strategy

Full funnel strategies are marketing Calling List models that allow you to filter all possible consumers to know in depth where to allocate your efforts to attract new customers. When defining a strategy of this type. Therefore, we must keep in mind that “the consumer is the main protagonist”, as Patricia explains. ¬ęThey have more and more information and we also have to know them and listen to them. Therefore, we have to have that research capacity to understand much more who that consumer is, without forgetting that they may have evolved and that there are new consumers who may be interested in each of our brands. Therefore, the new formats will mark the direction of the sector.

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