The protagonist of this delirious Samsung spot is obsessed with everything

The new Galaxy Z Flip 4 boasts of folding like the most flexible gymnasts on the track . However, the main hallmark of the South Korean brand’s new folding phone makes those who are not yet familiar with this type of device frown. And Samsung’s new spot to sell the benefits of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 focuses precisely on them . Signed by the Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam agency, the ad stars a young woman who refuses to change her usual smartphone for a foldable one after a friend shows her her brand new Galaxy Z Flip 4.

A true obsession with everything that folds

Even so, and although the protagonist is soon reluctant top industry data to give up her old cell phone. Therefore, she suddenly begins to see things that fold wherever she goes. Anything that can fold (a sandwich, a book or even the toilet seat) draws the protagonist’s attention, and she ends up developing a true obsession with everything that folds. The ad, produced by Bacon and directed by the director duo Matias & Mathias. Therefore, irresistibly comically portrays the protagonist’s obsession with everything that bends , an obsession that ends up making its way even into her nightmares.

Meadows with galloping horses and folding phones

Samsung’s new campaign premieres Calling List just when Apple has presented its new family of smartphones. Therefore, to which the South Korean brand blames the absence of truly tangible innovations (such as those hidden in the Galaxy Z Flip 4). “From a creative point of view we appeal to people who proudly boast that they will never change Samsung by showing their emotional journey towards change. Therefore, explain Ramona Todoca and Ed Olhagaray, creative directors of Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. “Instead of selling these people the latest innovations, we use something that happens in the real world to sow the seed of doubt and then watch it grow and multiply,” they add.

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