Lala Foundation in the recovery of the Nazas River

The Lala Foundation has been collaborating nother significant amount to the same project. As a result of these actions, 660 thousand pesos were raise, which will add to federal and state resources to compensate for the negative effects that have occurre in the region. But the Lala Foundation has a broader and stronger commitment in the states of the Republic where the company has a presence. Similar environmental projects are also supporte, for example in Monterrey, where watershe recovery, reforestation and fire prevention are carrie out in the area known as Cumbres. Regarding the activities and support provid by the Lala Foundation, the intereste reader can consult the Sustainability Report of the Lala Group. It indicates that the foundation channels the corporate’s Social Investment program through eight programs.

The foundation reported

It establishe alliances with 354 civil organizations. A characteristic that distinguishes the Lala Foundation, in addition to Buy Philippines Cell Phone Number Database the leadership of José Berlanga, is that it operates the Corporate Volunteering program, through which last year they donate more than 164 thousand man-hours in various activities such as: administrative support, logistics , delivery of donations in kind, Lala Marathon, emergency brigade, social and environmental campaigns and the Godfather and Adopt program. Despite its discreet work, the Lala Foundation model stands out both because its activities are aligne with the business and the community. On the one hand, the investment of resources to guarantee the raw materials of its production process such as water and the delivery of food (milk and derivatives) to social groups that are in conditions of exclusion or vulnerability stands out.

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From the Board of Directors

The Chairman of the Board of Directors pointe out that The Atlas of Giving recently reporte that so far in 2015, financial  Czech Republic Phone Number List donations in the US have increase to reach According to statistics, the increase reaches 8% compare to July 2014. The study confirms that the main donors are people and that with an increase in Oaxaca has just delivere almost  thousand pesos to the local Red Cross, but to guarantee that the program is effective and more funds are raise, it is necessary to carry out various actions such as motivating cashiers to continue inviting customers. clients, that the beneficiary organization supports the rounding campaign with a communication campaign and involves volunteers to provide information in the establishments about the destination of the resources. Good for the students of the University of Tijuana.

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