How to promote civility from business foundations

Business foundations are to some extent a bridge between the life of the employee, the company and their community. For the company. These are a means that allows it to establish links with the community and channel the social investment it makes to be in accordance with the social license grante by the community. But without a doubt, business foundations today play an important role as promoters of civic behavior inside the company and abroad. Often reaching the family life of the collaborator. Some business foundations that would like to deepen their contribution could explore at least some of the following fields: Ethical behavior Promotion of the culture of donation Citizen participation Ethical behavior Ethical behavior via especially those oriente toward socially responsible behavior, invest resources in training respectful collaborators through various tools, these behaviors may well be promote outside the workplace.

Companies that establish

A code of conduct for their employees can also encourage each employee to establish one for their own family at home. Many years Buy Belize Mobile Number Database ago Stephen Covey extende his ideas of the 7 habits of “effective people” to “effective families” with that vision. The intereste business foundation could then facilitate the methodology so that the employee could do it at home. It could help to propose that the values ​​that are often taken for grante in a family are first selecte, then define, understood and practice with low standards and guidelines. A family that declares it has values ​​is very different from another that endorses it day by day with its behavior. This includes precepts such as courtesy, kindness, non-discrimination, tolerance, accepting differences in points of view, etc.

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Promotion of the culture of donation Donations

The practices of business foundations that are requesting resources – donations – from their employees to enrich their organization’s  Cameroon Phone Number List programs are increasing. In this regard, it should be note that there are two trends, one that promotes the culture of donation, another that, with the aberrations of its promoters, seeks to ensure that employees complete the foundation’s investment budget with their money. The first case will be virtuous as long as the company and its foundation are able to clarify and demonstrate that they have 100% of the investment resources and that with or without donations from collaborators, the goals will be achieve. In this way, employee donations are additional resources to those budgete for corporate community engagement objectives. Bad practices of requesting donations from employees are base on wanting to complete the budget.

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