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Communicating the sustainability of a brand or product, it is very common for companies to resort to terms that can be misleading or complicate for their audiences, which affects consumer perception and results in serious damage to reputation. Falling into the temptation of using terms like “green” or “natural” can be extremely easy in the midst of a time when responsible consumption seems to be gaining strength, but how can we ensure that these words really have an influence on consumers? ? And more importantly, are we sure we are not engaging in greenwashing ? To answer these questions, Greenbiz has made available to its readers a study carrie out by the Shelton Group company on the effectiveness of green language and its influence on American consumers.

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The full report you can do so at this link . In recent years we have witnesse a radical transformation in the way consumers perceive Buy Panama Mobile Number Database the sustainability of brands and the language they use to communicate their efforts in favor of the environment; We find people much more concerne about transparency, much more informe and capable not only of questioning any type of data on the labels, but also of accessing, with a couple of clicks, the information necessary to corroborate them. The study carrie out by Shelton Group analyzes a series of terms to find out how consumers interpret each of them, what types of feelings they awaken in them and whether they associate them more frequently with greater spending or better benefits.

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There are words such as: Zero emissions The study found that whenever consumers were sure they understood a given term, their Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List response to it was positive, although they were often confuse about its true meaning. For example, the words recycle and recyclable are often interchange in meaning. Hence, consumers almost always have unrealistic expectations about the origin and destination of the products that use it in their communication. The word sustainability, for its part, was independently evaluate by The Guardian newspaper some time ago, revealing that readers’ reactions to the term can be love-hate, which is why it has become one of the bad words. of CSR . Some of these terms may have some mass appeal, but before using them, it is important to look closely at our target audience.

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